June 7, 2019

Philadelphia Phillies add an Easi-Set Guardhouse to Enhance the Stadium’s Security

The Philadelphia Phillies started its 2019 season with a new feature that enhances the stadium’s safety program. A security guardhouse was added near the stadium’s loading dock to control the retractable barricades at the loading dock entrance. An all precast concrete Easi-Set Building was selected for its durability and quality. The building was manufactured by Oldcastle Infrastructure Inc. , an Easi-Set Building licensed producer in Easton, Pa.

Easi Set Buildings Phillies Guard Station by Oldcastle Infrastructure

Design firm EwingCole met with Oldcastle Infrastructure and was impressed with similar past projects. “The Phillies had been searching for a cost-effective guardhouse that could be designed to fit the unique aesthetic of Citizens Bank Park. Oldcastle Infrastructure’s Easi-Set Building solution was a perfect fit,” says Kevin Murphy, RA, principal with EwingCole, Philadelphia.

During the planning phase, the design team with general contractor AP Construction Inc., Philadelphia, considered conventional masonry construction, but a precast concrete building offered more quality control measures, better efficiency and faster construction. An Easi-Set Building also provides added durability that is vital for security with its UL 752 Level-5 ballistic test rating. Easi-Set Buildings are the only line of precast concrete buildings in North America that have a Level-5 rating for standard walls.

“Easi-Set Building’s licensed producers manufacture prefabricated precast concrete buildings in climate-controlled environments. This ensures quality control measures are met for a desirable end product that often can be delivered within weeks of planning,” says Moffette Tharpe, managing director of Easi-Set Worldwide.

The site was prepped by installing a new pile support foundation because of poor soil conditions. The precast concrete building is 9’ x 10’ x 9’ with R-19 insulated wall and roof panels. It has a stained concrete thin brick exterior with a standing-seam metal roof installed over the concrete tapered roof. Security windows with abuse-resistant glazing were selected, and to control the barricades, a 200-amp control panel was installed.

The building was delivered and installed in one day, just before opening day. “It was an exciting project collaborating with everyone to replicate the colors and look of Citizens Bank Park on such a short schedule,” says David Worthington, buildings manager at Oldcastle Infrastructure. “This Easi-Set Building is ready to withstand the celebrations of another World Championship!”

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