July 29, 2016

Securing the future of an Iconic American Beltway

Easi-Set Worldwide project update - In 2007, VDOT finalized an agreement with Capital Beltway Express, LLC – a consortium that would design, build, operate, finance and maintain the $2 billion HOT lanes project on the I-405 Beltway that has encircled Washington DC since the 1960s.

Easi Set Buildings I 495 express lanes Smith Midland

The 495 Express Lanes are the first road of its kind in the region to provide HOV service on the Capital Beltway – as well as the option for travelers to pay a toll for a faster and more predictable trip using EZ-Pass.

Construction, managed by Fluor-Lane of Alexandria, VA, began in 2008 and the new lanes, two new lanes in each direction on a 14-mile stretch of I-495 from the Springfield Interchange to just north of the Dulles Toll Road.

As part of the project, Flour-Lane contracting with the Smith-Midland Corporation to manufacturer and install 10 technical shelters to securely house all the E-ZPass recognition equipment. All along the 14.5 mile corridor the Easi-Set all-precast concrete buildings are set in the median strip next to two sets of information collecting pole assemblies hanging over both sets of opposing Express Lanes. Use of this system allows for the EZ-Pass system to collect the tolls of individual vehicle without any slowing of traffic flow.

Smith-Midland manufactured all of the 4” thick reinforced precast concrete panels at their Midland, VA plant, then shipped and erected the buildings using an on-site crane. Each of the 12’ x 20’ was outfitted by Smith-Midland with steel doors and matching locks, a 2.5 ton heat pump system and programmable thermostat. Each building was set and ready for final equipment outfitting in just one day. This saved valuable time for Flour-Lane, as well as keeping the work site free from weeks of on-site workers needed by traditional site built construction methods.

Opened for business in 2012, the 495 Express Lanes operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The lanes use dynamic pricing based on real-time traffic demand conditions to keep traffic free flowing and provide a more predictable travel option.

Fluor-Lane and its partners garnered numerous awards for the project.

The I-495 Express Lanes project is the most significant package of improvements to the Capital Beltway in a generation.