Maintenance-free transportation buildings by Easi-Set.

For over forty years, Easi-Set Buildings has been serving the needs of transportation facilities across the country. We offer operational solutions like control centers, offices, and standalone guardhouses, as well as buildings for your infrastructure, utility, and storage needs. We work with you to design and install a convenient solution for your specific transportation building application and deliver the exact building you require in half the time you expect.

Convenience for you is imperative to us. Our precast concrete buildings are engineered to be virtually maintenance-free, reduce build time by 30-50% in comparison to traditional construction methods and provide all the amenities of a normal transportation building. Easi-Set buildings are also designed to withstand any and all forces of nature that a traditionally constructed building can endure.

Smaller Easi-Set Buildings come fully assembled and outfitted, while larger buildings are site assembled from pre-fabricated panels. In both cases, the entire production process takes place in a climate-controlled facility. This eases the need for cumbersome site equipment and staging areas, making them ideal for complicated job sites. And because the manufacturing process takes place in a climate-controlled facility with quality control inspections every step of the way, you have fewer unexpected on-site complications during the construction process.

Each installation is completed within a minimum of hours or days once the building arrives, limiting the time needed for outside contractors to be on your secured premises, or interrupt your day-to-day operations.

Outfitting Your Project

Below you will find the applications that cater specifically to transportation.

Precast Concrete Communications Building


Precast Concrete Office Building


Precast Concrete Hazmat Building

HazMat Storage

Precast Concrete Storage Building


Precast Concrete Restroom Building


Precast Concrete Guardhouse Building

Guard Houses

Precast Concrete Utility Building


Precast Concrete Pump Station Building

Pump Houses

Precast Concrete Pump Station Building



Custom transportation building options.

  • Equipment Shelters
  • Toll Booths
  • Control Buildings
  • Workshops
  • Battery & Generator Buildings