Concrete buildings are secure and durable, ideal for secured installations.

For over 40 years, Easi-Set Buildings have been the preferred option when it comes to minimizing threats to property and personal security. Ideal for remote or unfrequented locations, these precast concrete buildings are tamper proof and disaster resistant. This includes being resistant to high velocity wind loads, and to all manner of threat including forced entry, fire, and even earthquakes.

Convenience for you is imperative to us. Our precast concrete buildings are engineered to be virtually maintenance-free, reduce build time by 30-50% in comparison to traditional construction methods and provide all the amenities of a normal security building.

Smaller Easi-Set Buildings come fully assembled and outfitted, while larger buildings are site assembled from prefabricated panels. In both cases, the entire production process takes place in a climate-controlled facility. This eases the need for cumbersome site equipment and staging areas, making them ideal for complicated job sites or those that are difficult to access.

From remote utility structures to high-security storage, only Easi-Set has a full range of buildings to meet your needs. There is no reason to go to multiple vendors to provide solutions. We use our expertise, manufacturing capabilities and vendor relations to complete your project on-spec, on-time and on-budget.

Outfitting Your Project

Below you will find the applications that cater specifically to secured installations.

Precast Concrete Hazmat Storage Building

HazMat Storage

Precast Concrete Communications Building


Precast Concrete Office Building


Precast Concrete Guardhouse Building

Guard Houses

Precast Concrete Storage Building


Precast Concrete Chemical Storage Building

Chemical Storage

Precast Concrete SCADA Building


Precast Concrete Workshop Building


Precast Concrete ATM Building

Remote ATM

Precast Concrete Utility Building

Utility Shelters

Precast Concrete Water Treatment Building

Water Treatment


Custom building options for secured installations.

  • High‐Security Storage
  • Data Centers
  • Ammunition Storage
  • Marijuana Grow Buildings
  • High‐Valued Equipment Shelters
  • Control Buildings
  • Generator Buildings
  • Airports & Train Stations
  • Remote ATM Structures
  • Laboratories
  • Storm Shelters
  • Flood Resistant Applications
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Observation Towers
  • Maintenance Buildings
  • Workshops